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Be part of the worldwide effort to combat the climate crisis!

Be part of the worldwide effort to combat the climate crisis! Even if climate change skepticism exists, the reality of pollution is undeniable. Imagine being in a sealed dome, inundated with CO2 and Methane – illness and fatality would ensue. Earth is that sealed dome.
It’s not about halting CO2-intensive sports like car racing but addressing the
urgent need to curb methane emissions
and transition to electric vehicles on
public roads. Natural gas is becoming
a primary source of energy. It’s
important to identify malfunctions.

Are you concerned about the state of our climate? I urge you to join us in our efforts to stop the release of methane gas into the atmosphere.

For far too long, the oil and gas companies have been getting away with this practice, which has had a harmful impact on our planet. Corporations continue to prioritize their profits over the well-being of humanity and spend millions lobbying to protect their interests, but it’s time to stand up to them. Together, we can make a difference.

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Stop The Methane

It is imperative that the EPA establishes a centralized LDAR/GHG division, fully funded by the oil and gas companies, as opposed to our tax dollars or any other part of the EPA’s budget. The majority of the funding should be provided by the major oil and gas corporations who earn billions in profits. These corporations should be subject to surprise audits, similar to those conducted by the IRS, to ensure that no GHG emissions are released into the atmosphere. With the help of today’s advanced technologies, such as AI, coding (Visual Studio), GPS, and satellite technology for areas with poor service, these audits can be conducted remotely. However, the facilities must have an OGI camera with a USB or Bluetooth, and use one of the in-house LDAR technicians.

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Why is this website called

Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR) is a monitoring process used by organizations in the oil and gas, chemical, and petrochemical industries to detect unintended leaks and measure their volume. The process is designed to keep track of the volatile organic compounds (VOC) that are released into the atmosphere by these industries. It is mandatory for manufacturing organizations to report any leaks found during the LDAR process. LDAR is used by multiple governments worldwide to limit the harmful effects of VOC emissions on the environment.

Personal Experience

In my childhood, thousands of blackbirds painting the skies was a common, mesmerizing sight. Now, such visual poetry is a rarity, with these flocks dwindling by nearly 90%. Pollution is the sinister force driving this decline. I reminisce about the abundant snowfall of yesteryears, a stark contrast to today’s scant dustings, having witnessed a notable reduction over five decades. While it’s inherent for Earth to evolve, the accelerated and severe transformations of recent years are alarming. The degradation wrought by pollution is irrefutable, even for those skeptical of climate change. The imperative to curtail pollution has never been more acute, an urgent call to restore ecological harmony.

Let’s Take Action To Eliminate Pollution

Securing the domain “energyfrombelow.com” wasn’t a nod to oil or natural gas, but an homage to the earth’s core, a heat source surpassing even the sun. I’m convinced that the future belongs to geothermal energy, destined to outshine oil, gas, and solar. Learn more! Read more

Reduce Green House Gases

Water Conservation

With the world's population increasing rapidly, the demand for freshwater is increasing as well, while the supply of clean water is becoming scarce. Therefore, water conservation has become more important than ever.

Air Conservation

Drive your combustible engine car less. Do like me and live in an area where you can walk to do everything. Watch Video. If you live in the suburb, plant a tree or start a garden. Remember the most important thing is your health. Clean air is vital to your health!

Waste Management

What this site is about is waste management for gas (Not Wasting Methane). Waste management is to reduce the hazardous effects of such waste on the environment and our health. Reduce, recycle, and prevent waste. Waste is produced by human activity and it can pose a danger to human health.

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